Artist Statement: Watercolor Work

I paint from life. My watercolors are a tool through which I explore my direct experience, from encounters with everyday objects to complex life events.

My work embodies my belief that all we experience is intertwined. Perhaps that is why the organic detail that fills many of my paintings seems so animate. I see my subjects as separate from any label attached to them. In pieces like "Time" and "Circuit," for example, I transform a simple sketch of a mechanical object into something distantly related to that object, yet liquid and alive.

My paintings tell stories, but in free verse, not prose. Each panel of the multi-paneled paintings can stand on its own, yet the panels are connected thematically and through subtle elements of texture, color and line. In "Dinner at Chez Panisse," for example, the threads of the meal's tastes mingle with each other one paneled course to the next.

Geometric patterns and spatial relationships have interested me from an early age. The works that investigate symmetrical patterns and depth seem to draw from a different internal source than my more flowing works.

I often begin with a simple pencil sketch. I work in partnership with the brush, paper, water and paint, and let the materials guide me. Often, I'm surprised by what I produce. Although I will start with a firm concept, the paintings sometimes evolve on their own accord, with compelling new ideas emerging in the midst of the painting process. I frequently alternate between projects, letting each one rest. A piece can take me between a day and several years to complete.

I love stretching the boundaries of watercolor technique. Sometimes I incorporate different colored inks, or use the watercolors in forceful ways. By combining these techniques with watercolor's more traditional translucent and flowing quality I create depth and vibrancy in my works.

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